H&H Accountants have launched a brand new office at the Old Bank Building in Ilminster, Somerset

New Office Launch

H&H Accountants have launched a brand new office at the Old Bank Building in Ilminster and we invited our friends along for a glass of wine or two!

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Accounting & Bookkeeping Jobs in Ilminster & Taunton, Somerset
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FACT: There are many Accountants in Somerset

'So what sets H&H Accountants apart from the competition?' we hear you cry!

It's actually really quite simple... It's our team of wonderful staff who:
  • Genuinely care about our client's.
  • Look after each other.
  • Care about the future of the company.
Terry Hort, Managing Director of H&H Accountants Somerset, knows that you are only ever as strong as your team. And it's this attitude that has led to us becoming one of the fastest growing Accountants in Somerset and across the UK. We have branches in Taunton and Ilminster but provide financial assistance to companies and individuals across Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Exeter, Bristol & London.

Terry Hort - H&H Accountants Somerset, Taunton & Ilminster

Meet Terry's Team

Meet Our Team

Accountancy Services

H&H Accountants Somerset provide a wide range of accountancy services including:
Accounts Prep
1We give initial advice on start up's on setting up the accounting records including; hand written books, spread sheets or sage depending on the size and type of business.
2 We take the matter of staff wages very seriously as it can be demotivating if they are incorrect. We are committed to getting this precisely right for you and your employees.
Book Keeping
3 H&H provide a full bookkeeping service which includes using the latest sage accounts software package. We provide a full audit trail as entries cannot be subsequently deleted.
4Vat affects a great number of businesses. We believe in preventative advice rather than advice given after the event. We cover all aspect of vat matters
Tax Planning
5We have a qualified tax consultant working as part of our team, adding to the breadth of our services. To discuss any aspects of tax planning, please call to schedule an initial meeting.
Tax Enquiry Fee
6HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are putting extra resources into pursuing more tax. We can provide a policy to protect against the unexpected fees of a tax enquiries.
Companies Services
7Company Secretaries are a very important integral part of the corporate function of a Limited Company. H&H Accountants can provide this service on your behalf.
Friendly Service
8We have a great team who take individual care in what they do and for each of our clients. If you are looking for a friendly, efficient service then feel free to get in touch.

Providing Accountancy Services to:

H&H Accountants Somerset support a wide range of business types.
  • Sole Traders & Small Business
  • Partnerships & Directors
  • Property Management and Development
  • Engineering and Construction Personnel
  • Design & Media Professionals
  • Military Serviceman
  • Dental and Healthcare Professionals
  • Aviation Professionals

Latest News:

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