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Complete IR35 Defence Service

Why You Need The Complete IR35 Defence Service

Everyone is aware of HMRC’s attack on one man limited company businesses. You may work for a few years as a contractor through your own limited company or a partner and HMRC come along and review your contracts and decide that you should have been operating PAYE instead of voting dividends – a substantial tax difference if you are a higher rate taxpayer.

There is also a possibility that some partnerships may be attacked in a similar way. Reviewing contracts that they feel should be one of PAYE not self employed.

How We Can Help You

Here, at H&H Accountants we understand the effect this kind of attack has on the lives and finances of those who work in the precarious world of professional contracting which is why we, in partnership with Croner Taxwise, provide the complete IR35 defence service.

In the first instance, we can:

Review your contract before you take it up to establish if it is within or outside IR35, giving you detailed reasons based on the clauses in the contract as to why it either fails or passes.
Suggest possible amendments and assist in drafting new clauses if we consider that the contract is within IR35.
Provide a comprehensive defence if HMRC subsequently challenge a contract which we have passed as outside of IR35. If you subscribe to our fee protection scheme, your fees are paid by the insurance. The annual cost of this insurance is £180.00 plus VAT both for Limited Companies and partnerships. We will also defend contracts which we have not previously been asked to review if there are sufficient prospects of success.

Get In Touch For More Information

The contract review service costs £350 plus VAT per contract and will give you the peace of mind and confidence needed to concentrate on dealing with your contracts without fear of HMRC challenging your IR35 status. The contract amendment service price depends on the number of changes but is usually just a small additional charge.

Please note that if an IR35 attack is successful HMRC can go back to the original start date of the contract. However if you do not have a contract the cost of the IR35 review will be £800.00 plus VAT. We recommend that you take advantage of this valuable service.

If you would like to ask us any questions, please contact us on  01823 325610.

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