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Mortgage Advice Service

Why Is It Important To Speak With A Mortgage Adviser?

In our current economy, securing a mortgage or lending is a difficult and quite often stressful time. By seeking out mortgage advice from a mortgage adviser you can pass over your stress and worries to someone who has experience. We also have contacts in this field of work, which helps us in finding the right mortgage solution to fit our clients’ needs.

What Does A Mortgage Adviser Help With?

Re-mortgaging – Timing is key when it comes to re-mortgaging, we work alongside our clients to figure out when the best time to re-mortgage would be. We also assist in looking for affordable deals that fits the client’s needs.
First Time Buyers – As more lenders are offering more options to first time buyers, as well as some added inceptives like free valuations and legal’s. It is often overwhelming and difficult for a first time buyer to decipher through the options, that’s why we offer assistance to make the clients life a little easier.
Buy to Let – We assist landlords on how to obtain a feasible mortgage deal that can help them to raise capital. The recent property market has a demand for rental properties therefore opening up much more options for landlords. We advise our clients on the best way to attract potential buyers, from the possibility of buying a second mortgage, which can then provide financial help in changes concerning the property which result in more attention from potential buyers.
House Moves – It’s often found that some people accept lower offers when it comes to purchasing a property as a client may have already had their eye on a new home. What some people don’t know is that they might be eligible to rent your current home as you purchase you new property. We can show you what options you do have as well as working towards to you long-term goal.
Self-build – We can assist to our clients’ needs when it comes to securing the right loan for self-building, conversions and renovations. It is important to get in touch with us at the start of the project as it can become more difficult as often lenders have stricter rules about offering funds at later stages.

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If you would like to ask us any questions, please contact us on  01823 325610.

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