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Ilminster Church Has A New Treasurer

Ilminster Church has a new Treasurer

St. Mary's Ilminster ChurchLiz Volunteers at St. Mary’s Ilminster Church

H&H Accountants have been blessed with expert financial skills.  With that in mind, our Liz Coleman has offered to volunteer her time to be the treasurer at St Mary’s Parish Church, Ilminster.

The vicar, Revd Nigel Done said ‘ times have changed, even in the church, and good financial controls and accounting and modern methods of communicating and looking after the Minster and its finances are essential.  So we are delighted to partner up with Liz and have her expertise and help’.

Accountants and their predecessors feature quite heavily in the Bible in one way or another.  Jesus was wise enough to have a tax collector (Matthew),  amongst his chosen dozen, and he often enjoyed the company of the wealthy money men of the time.  However, on at least one occasion, the rich man who had Jesus round for afternoon tea ended up much the poorer after the visit.  Zacheaus (he who climbed the sycamore tree),  found happiness that day and gave away all his ill-gotten gains.

Noah goes fourth from the ark

Noah didn’t always understand God’s instructions but, with great faith, he let three others step on to land and went fourth from the ark.

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