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Fame Daddy – Who Is Yours?

Have you heard the joke about Fame Daddy? We know that accountants are not normally famed for having personality but we’re pretty certain from the article below you’ll see that Terry Hort, Managing Director of H&H Accountants, has got a great combination of good ethics and a wicked sense of humour.

Even in the earliest days of H&H Accountants, Terry Hort has always worked closely with the creative industries including; artists, film & TV production and media professionals.

More recently Terry was approached by a TV Production client, ‘Studio of Fools’, to provide business advice on a special project called ‘Fame Daddy’, for a new television series called The Anti Social Network.


You can see the promotional video for Fame Daddy below.

What is Fame Daddy?

Who Created Fame Daddy?

You may, or may not, be able to tell but the whole project was a spoof destined for a Channel 4 pilot show called ‘The Anti Social Network’ which is expected to be broadcast later this year. ‘Studio Of Fools’, the creative, social media production company who is behind the show, had a clear vision of what they hoped to achieve. Their aims were to:

highlight the sometimes detrimental impact of social media on our news culture. The explosion in digital and social media has created a landscape in which stories and information with an agenda (be it commercial, political etc.) can travel across the web and into the mainstream media around the world with little or no scrutiny.

However, in a clever bit of marketing they managed to fool major media organisations including The Sun, The Telegraph and even appearing on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ program with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby!

Fame Daddy on ITV’s This Morning

This Morning were forced to apologise for their failed attempts at checking the validity of the feature before interviewing Dan Richards who claimed to be the boss of a website, Fame Daddy, offering the world’s first celebrity sperm donor service.

H&H Accountants & Fame Daddy

Terry has been both personal and business accountant to principal members of the Studio of Fools team for over five years. Although the Fame Daddy concept is a spoof, Studio of Fools was keen for it to appear as genuine as possible, stand up to press scrutiny and adhere to the Channel 4 Compliance Guidelines, and asked for Terry’s help with the huge amount of legal, financial and business preparation required for the Fame Daddy project to go ahead.

Terry was fascinated by both the “moral” and “mischief” aspects of the Fame Daddy project, and was happy to act as business consultant for the team.

We wish the Studio of Fools team every success with The Anti Social Network and hope it acts as a catalyst for people to ask greater questions about information in the media.

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